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School Directory – City, Park and Recreation, and Summer Camp General Information

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Apply Now
for City, Park and Recreation, and Summer Camp directory

All Presenter Requirements

  1. Professionalism

    1. Must have website and all social media connected to your business and shows reflecting high-standards with regards to children’s and family entertainment.
    2. Internet searches will be conducted and questionable results can result in an artist not being accepted to participate. 
    3. All artists are subject to acceptance by Dream Shapers.  Decisions are based on quality of programs, letters of reference, professionalism based on website and social media, and appropriateness for Children’s and Family audiences for schools and for cities, park and recreation departments, and summer camps.
  2. Code of Conduct 

    1. All presenters must meet a professional code of conduct and professionalism to be considered for future participation. 
    2. This includes the content of the program presented, the adherence to all our and library rules and requirements, and the meeting all contractual requirements. These include: presenting the show requested at the fee requested, not canceling shows to take a better job, late arrivals, no shows, presenting inappropriate materials, statements, content, or humor, and changing programs to raise fees. 
    3. Complaints can lead to not being invited to participate or turned down from participation in the future.

Presenter Eligibility Information

  1. Participation is open to all presenters who have previously participated in any library or school showcase or directory with Dream Shapers, have abided by our Terms and Conditions, and have lived up to the Library's standards of professionalism.  These presenters are referred to as "Tried and True" in our information.
  2. New presenters are welcome; however, they must meet the new artist requirements (see below).
  3. Open to all presenters who:
    1. Have showcased and participated in past directories and showcases.
    2. Have auditioned for and been accepted by County of Los Angeles Libraries
    3. Have been accepted by the Los Angele Public Library and our listed on their roster of performers.
    4. Are part of an artist organization (The Center, Music Center, etc.)
    5. And can meet new artist requirements.
    6. Are subject to eligibility review and acceptance by the Library Systems and Dream Shapers. 

New Artist/Presenters Information

Artists and presenters who have never showcased with at a Dream Shapers showcase before must do the following:

  1. Submit your application.
  2. Submit a brief, 1 page biography of yourself,
  3. Submit a description of your program(s) for cities, park and rec and summer camps and for schools. Please include any educational content for programs if applying for the school directory.
  4. Provide us with your website, YouTube, twitter, and all other social media links.  We do google searches on all new artists.
  5. If you are an artist with an arts organization (i.e. Music Center, The Center, etc.) please include this in your biography.
  6. If you have not been accepted or auditioned for County of Los Angeles Libraries let us know that. 
  7. If you are on LAPL’s roster of performers, let us know that. 
  8. Send 3 letters of recommendation from any schools, preschools, cities, summer camps, or park and rec departments who have seen your show either via email or snail mail.
  9. Please contact us with any questions or issues you would like to discuss at or (714) 771-1981.  We will be glad to assist you with your application, with information you need to supply, and with insights and tips to help you decide to participate.

Artist Pricing Information

For the directory we will need your price for a single and double school assembly. Our notes to clients is that this is a base price and can change base on show selected and mileage fees. For the city… we will need your base price.  Our notes to clients is that this is a base price and can change base on show selected and mileage fees.

Who do we mail to?


  1. 2000 each in 2 mailings 1 in late April, 1 in late July
  2. Handed out at PTO and PTA conferences in Southern California

Limited to first 27 sign ups


  1. 500 each in  2 mailings 1 in late January, 1 in early March
  2. Handed out at City conference in January

Limited to first 27 sign ups

Terms and Conditions:

  1. There are no refunds for any reason. 
  2. We make every effort to be sure that the information is correctly taken for your application and placed on your directory listing.  We make no written, implied, or verbal warrantees guarantying the accuracy for the listing or advertisements.
  3. We will provide at least one opportunity to review all your information (for all applications that meet our deadline) to be sure it is correct.   We will make any mistakes to your information but will not redo your text or significantly change any of the pricing you submit to us.  It is ultimately the presenter’s responsibility to check their information prior to publication.
  4. We will be providing a review process for clients.  If an artist receives a negative review, it must be viewed as an opportunity to improve a presentation and artists are not to contact librarians about this type of review.  If a client is contacted as a result of a negative review it can lead to your not being included in future events.
  5. If an artist receives 3 or more negative reviews they will not be included in future directories and your information pulled down from and
  6. All artists are subject to acceptance by Dream Shapers and their review committee. 

Apply Now
for school directory

Apply Now
for City, Park and Recreation, and Summer Camp directory

Contact Information or call Dream Shapers at: (714) 771-1981