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Need assembly ideas for elementary school assemblies?  You are just clicks away from obtaining information about and watching video demonstrations for over 100 different Ks-5 elementary school assemblies from over 50 proven school program providers available to Southern California schools.

Education Based
School Assemblies

View video demonstrations of over 50 different performers, artists, and presenters featuring elementary school assembly programs with educational content and connections.  There are a wide variety of disciplines to view and choose from which makes finding school assembly ideas and choices fast and easy.

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Our provides you with a way to sort by type of program you are looking for (school assembly, library, preschool, etc.) as well as by location (Orange, LA, Riverside Counties etc.) and by the theme you are looking for (science, juggling, dance, etc.). This will narrow your search and help you find school assembly ideas in the area you are looking for.

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Watch over 75 different videos from artists who provide educational and rewards assemblies to schools.  You will find hundreds of school assembly ideas here.  Connect to the artists.  Find out more and choose the school assembly program that is just right for you.

School Assembly
Planning Guide
6 top tips

Our Planning Guide for Elementary School Assemblies can help you plan, choose, and find school assmbly ideas.  We will offer our top 6 tips for planning, choosing and presenting a successful school assembly program.  Our school assembly planning guide can save you time and money.

Featured Artist: Dan Crow

Just want to browse? Great!  You’ll be able to watch video demonstrations featuring the widest collection elementary school assemblies offered anywhere that will offer you hundreds of school assembly ideas. You will see demonstrations of assembly programs in science, animal, anti-bully, music, dance, visual arts, historical and much more and be able to contact the presenter you are interested in. 

What you can expect.

  1. Once you find assembly ideas of interest, just click on more information and you’ll be taken directly to more detailed presenter information including how to contact them.  
  2. Each presenter will reply within 48 hours of your inquiry. 
  3. Presenters will provide you with additional information and fees for your programming needs.
  4. No commitment to obtain pricing information.  You can choose to book the program after you have received all the information and fees you need to finalize your decision.
  5. Presenters meet insurance requirements for various school districts and the PTA.  They also accepts and work with school district Purchase Orders.
  6. All presenters have years of experience at providing quality elementary school assemblies. 
  7. All presenters have auditioned through a process with the Orange County Department of Education or through Program Preview Day New Artist panel.
  8. If you have an assembly idea and are having any difficulty finding what you are looking for or  you have an emergency or an immediate need for a primary school assembly program (under 1 week), then please email your request or call our Dream Shapers office:

Here’s what the presenters offer:

  1.  A variety of types of assembly programs including:
    • 1, 2, or 3 50 minute primary assemblies.
    • Classroom visits or grade level specific assemblies.
    • All day hands on programs tailored to each grade level.
  2. Educational programs for all areas of the curriculum that are connected with current and future California Core Educational Content.
  3. Primary school assemblies engaging, entertaining, and participatory.

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Drug Prevention

Language Arts




Visual Arts

Primary Assemblies at a Discount!!!

Discounts and Savings for Primary Assemblies

View these presenters who are offering discounted fees for their school assemblies for the upcoming 2013-14 school year.  Save up to 10% or more from a collection of 20 presenters and over 50 different programs.

Family Fun Nights Annie Banannie

Fun Family Nights or Rewards Assemblies

Rewards assemblies and family fun night programs are generally chosen to be fun and entertaining and there is generally less connections to standards. 
Watch Demonstrations of fun and entertaining programs from performers with 100’s of shows for these types of events.


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Performers Video Showcase and are all outreach programs presented by Dream Shapers, a 501c3 non-profit organizations, in an effort to connect quality artists and presenters and their educational and entertaining programs with schools to provide students, teachers, staff, and families with rewarding educational experiences to enhance the learning process.  Visit Dream Shapers to find out more about us, what we do, and what we offer.