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PUMP Postcard Advertising
Flex you creative muscles and PUMP up your advertising with Dream Shapers

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Presenters Ultimate Marketing Program (aka PUMP) is designed to help you stretch your advertising dollars!  Team up with Dream Shapers to mail postcards to potential customers throughout Southern California at a fraction of the cost. 


PUMP allows presenters to market and promote themselves using Dream Shaper’s mailing list and mailing capabilities to several targeted categories:

  • Schools – public and private (not including LAUSD and some other additional areas)
  • Libraries – LA County, Inland Empire, Los Angeles Public Libraries, Ventura County and San Diego County
  • Cities
  • Summer Camps

Artists can choose to use their own mailing list, however we would need an excel file of mailing list to submit to the post office and there is an additional $50.00 deposit to cover returns based on your lit.  After 90 days we will return the returned post cards for you to update your files and any outstanding balance of your $50.00 deposit.  There is no additional cost when you use our mailing list.


Select one template from four 6″ X 9″ postcard choices.  You provide the images and text.  We import it into your chosen postcard, send you a proof for approval and mail it out for you.  It’s that simple! (Click on any image for a closer look).  You can also design your own.  If you with to do this please <contact us> and ask for the details you will need to include in your design. Dream Shapers will handle all printing – no artist printing will be allowed. 


Mailings include:  up to 3 revisions of your post card, printing costs, labels, postage and handling.
See Samples Below:

Blackboard Postcard

Template 1

Blue Postcard

Template 2

Boxes Postcard

Template 3

Burst Postcard

Template 4


Libraries:   Deadline  
  January December 31  
  July June 30  ideal  
  October September 31  


  January December 31  
  May April 31  
  August July 15  
  September August 15  

City / Summer Camp:

  January December 31  
  February January 30  
  March February 28  
  September August 31  


Fees (paid by check, credit card, or PayPal)


Schools $1095 to over 2200 selected public and private schools


Library $495 to over 400 libraries


City / Summer Camp   $495 to over 400 addresses.



  1. That you have participated in current School, Library, and City Directories
  2. If you are a new artist to any of these markets, please <contact us> about what would
    be needed for you to participate.

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