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Looking to bring performing, visual, variety or demonstration artists to your event?  Here is some general information about the artists listed on

° Helpful Tips
° Artist Requirements
° Pricing

1. Helpful Tips

Each of the artists listed on this site have demonstrated the ability to provide professional, entertaining, educational, age-appropriate, and quality shows, assemblies, demonstrations, and workshops.   We have pre-qualified all performers in an effort to provide all clients with excellent program that fit their need.  Preschool programs are age specific, standards based primary school assemblies have curriculum connections, library shows feature fun and engaging shows, and city and community events will find what they need in the way of shows, concerts and roaming entertainment.

2. Artist Requirements

All artists have accepted the following criteria for professionalism.

  • Respond quickly to all emails, questions and inquiries.
  • Mail or email confirmations of your program.
  • Be clear about all fees for your program.
  • Contact the client about 1 week in advance of all performances.
  • Arrive early for all programs.
  • Never use any inappropriate material at children’s and family events.
  • Respect the wishes of the client as to content and presentation.  It is usually best to deal with this before any program.
  • Do not make disparaging, racial or biased remarks of any kind.

All artists listed under Artist Categories (Schools, Libraries, Preschool, City/Community, and Summer Camp) have met a variety of specific requirements including:

Libraries – Have met the library requirements for LA County Libraries, Los Angeles Public Libraries, and Inland Empire Libraries and have participated in any and all showcases and/or auditions involved.

Schools – All artists listed have met a variety of requirements to be listed.  Most have been auditioned through the Orange County Music Administrators Association who base their direction from the Orange County Department of Education and its artistic and standards requirements.   Others are presenters with arts organizations like the Music Center and the Center in Orange County or other similar arts organizations across the U. S. (i.e. Center East and Premier Showcase, both in Chicago).  Keep in mind that for fun family night programming, where meeting California Educational Standards are not required, you can view Libraries for additional artists and ideas.

Preschools - All artists listed have demonstrated that they perform regularly for children from 2-5, or have provided additional video and written documentation demonstrating their ability to entertain and educate young children.

City / Community / Summer Camp / Festivals - All artists listed have demonstrated that they have been offering  programs that are entertaining, engaging, fun, interactive, flexible, and many can be performed as a walk around shows.

3. Pricing Information

The artists on this site represent a wide range of independent artists
who have worked within the community for years and have demonstrated that their programs are priced competitively for the market.  Here are a few basic insights about pricing:

  1. The fees for programming vary from artist to artist,
  2. The cost for shows depend on a variety of factors including:
    • The number of presentations you require (1 show, 3 shows, all day workshops, etc.)
    • The type of program you are looking for (school assembly, preschool or library show, etc.)
    • The performance (one artist, or a multiple artist presentations)
    • The genre (storytelling, marionette, magic, science, animals, etc.)
    • The location of your presentation (there may be additional mileage fees)
    • The day and time (weekends and evenings can often raise an artist’s price)
  3. Choosing independent artist offers pricing flexibility and at times they are able to modify their pricing to meet your budgetary needs.  You can discuss this with any artist you contact if you find you need some adjustments to make a program work.  Pricing adjustments are made for a variety of reasons including:
    • discounts if they have booked a show nearby on the same day or
    • you are close to their location, or your program is during a time of year that they are generally slow.

With over 100 artists listed on the site and programming that ranges from solo artists to groups, pricing has been difficult for us to develop and post on the website.  We have made it easy for you to contact the artists for pricing and availability information.   If you need any assistance, if you have specific pricing restrictions for your event you can CONTACT US and we can try to provide you with a list of performers who may meet your needs. 

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