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General Showcase Information

Performers Video Showcase is an exciting NEW OPPORTUNITY for all performing and visual artists to reach schools, libraries, cities, preschools, community organizations, and the general public through this online video showcase.  This site has been established in collaboration with Dream Shapers, who for over 15 years, has been marketing artists and provide 1000’s of bookings each year.   Here are some of the many benefits that all artists can receive by their participation on this site.

  • Specifically designed to present programming by performing and visual artists.
  • Post video online visitors to view programs at their events.
  • Market programming directly specific consumers (libraries, schools, preschools, etc.)
  • Reach clients that are specifically looking for your type of programming.
  • Direct linkage to your website for further information and contact.
  • Combine with other artists on the largest online collection of video demonstrations from the widest variety of shows and workshops available.
  • Choose your own level of advertising from basic packages to adding additional categories and genres to increase your exposure.
  • Participate large advertising budget that will be promoting this site extensively that include direct mailing, showcase advertising, conferences and pay for click advertising.
  • Quality control of not only the video footage that is place online but also the artists themselves that must demonstrate their ability to present programming in any category they sign up for and agree to artist code of conduct that can lead to removal from the site if broken.

The site offers visitors:

  • The largest collection of video demonstrations for performing and visual artists available to them anywhere.
  • Simple navigation offers an easy-to-use site ensuring visitors will return.
  • Easy sorting choices to narrow down their selection process
  • Complete artist browsing capabilities for those who wish to see everything that is available.
  • Direct contact to artist’s websites for more information and contact.
  • Artists who have met standards to be listed under any of the categories featured on the site.

Artist support

  • We will be providing artist videotaping opportunities in our studio.
  • We will provide editing services for artists with their own footage
  • We can provide video services for artists who wish to have live shows taped.
  • We will provide web support to assist artists with website improvements and development.
  • Notifications of showcases, artist seminars, awards and opportunities.

General Artist Information

Who can apply
Artist Requirements
Code of Conduct
Pricing has been designed to provide schools, libraries, cities, community organizations and preschools with a way to view online, prescreened and professional performing, variety and demonstration artists.  New performers must meet a variety of requirements in order to post video footage on the site.  Artists who are listed on the site must maintain a high level of professionalism in order to remain on the site.  Our goal is to provide high standards of artistic quality, dependability, content and professionalism to current and future clients.

Who can apply?

All artists who can provide documentation that they offer and present programs to libraries, preschools, cities, and community organizations. School applications require clear standards connections. If you belong to an arts organization (IE the Center or the Music Center)or have showcased at one of the Dream Shapers Library and school showcases, that is sufficient and no other documentation is necessary.

Artist Requirements

1. Must have email capability.

2. Must have a website or detailed information page that we can link to.

3. Linkage from your site to ours.

4. Artist Categories. You can apply for every category that you provide programming to.

  • All Artist Page – all artists will be listed on this page.
  • School – This requires
    • If you have participated in Program Preview day or are part of a larger arts organization you can provide that information to us and pass on the next steps
    • Three schools (name, address, phone number and contact) where you have performed or audition and acceptance to Program Preview Day.
    • And a description of your program with its educational content (what will be learned) and clear connections to the California Educational Standards.
    • Video Demonstration of your standards based school program.
  • Library Shows
    • If you have participated in any Dream Shapers hosted library showcases (County of LA, LAPL, Inland Library System, or Program Preview Day) you can provide that information and pass on the next steps.
    • Submit three letters of recommendation or bio with past work in libraries.
  • City and community organizations
    • If you have participated in any Dream Shapers hosted library showcases (County of LA, LAPL, Inland Library System, or Program Preview Day) you can provide that information and pass on the next steps.
    • Provide a list of 3 cities or other community  organizations that you have presented at with all contact information or bio with past work in cities.
  • Preschool Presentations
    • Three preschools where you have recently preformed and all contact information.
    • Three letters of recommendation or bio with was work in preschools
  • Themes
    • You can sign up for all the thematic categories that your program or presentations are applicable to. 
    • We reserve the right to decide if your meet our requirements to be considered under a category.

5. Must agree to our code of professionalism and conduct.

6. Fill out application form and provide all photos and information within our formats.

7. Agree to allow photos to be used in publicity and promotion for the website.

8. Provide video footage of your program(s) or participate, on-stage, at one of the Dream Shapers Showcases, or attend one of the video showcase taping days.

9. If you submit your own video footage, it must meet our quality standards for all pages but your more information page. There you can post the quality you feel best reflects you.

10. All submissions are reviewed prior to posting to view for any inappropriate material.

11. All submission are subject to our rejection if deemed inferior or inappropriate.

Code of Conduct

In order to ensure that clients visiting this site find the finest collection of artists available, we require a professional code of conduct that if broken can result in your removal from the website.  In this case no refund will be made. 

1. Professionalism

  • Respond quickly to all emails, questions and inquiries.
  • Mail or email confirmations of your program.
  • Be clear about all fees for your program.
  • Contact the client about 1 week in advance of all performances.
  • Arrive early for all programs.
  • Never use any inappropriate material at children’s and family events.
  • Respect the wishes of the client as to content and presentation.  It is usually best to deal with this before any program.
  • Do not make disparaging, racial or biased remarks of any kind.

2. Dismissal – fees are non-refundable

  • We reserve the right to dismiss any artist at any time for breaching the code of conduct. 
  • Complaints will be brought up with any artist to resolve the situations but should offenses continue we can remove the artist from the website.
  • If the quality of your program in any genre or category be deemed inferior (based on client reviews), we can remove the artist from any genre or category page. 
  • If artists are dismissed they are still responsible for the balance of their yearly fee from the date of removal.
  • Missing programs or repeated tardiness to programs will result in dismissal.
  • To many client complaints

Performers Video Showcase Pricing

Post up to 5 videos (max 5 min ea.) of your presentation on our website
Get your own dedicated web page portfolio, with full descriptions and links directed back to your website or any other web page you want.

Samples under: ARTISTS > Alphabetical listing

We will also place your videos under various themes
and categories that you sign up for
Cost $150.00 for one year.

All artists who participate must demonstrate that they have quality children’s and family programming and meet the requirements to be listed under all the themes and categories that are applied for.

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