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About Performers Video Showcase

Our Market presents video demonstration of artists, performers and presenters who provide library shows, primary school assemblies, preschool programs and children's and family entertainment for cities, community organizations, and others looking for fun, engaging, and sometimes educational programming throughout Southern California.  This site provides viewers with the opportunity, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year to view programming that they are seeking to hire for their events.

Benefits for visitors

  1. We offer variety.  One site to find assembly, show, and program ideas for over 100 performers with hundreds of programs from very wide range of disciplines.  Find magic, mime, music, dance, art, balloon, puppetry, marionettes or look for science, animal, history, holiday, multicultural, and other thematic shows.
  2. We offer confidence.  Every presenter and performer has demonstrated their ability to be listed under each and every category they appear.  We have a prescreening process in an effort to provide clients with the best possible choices in each area.  Each performer accepts all the requirements of professionalism and code of conduct to be listed on the site.  Clients have the ability to REVIEW all performances and, though it rarely occurs, artists are held accountable for negative reviews.
  3. We offer easy.   It's easy to view artists, choose presentations by theme, to contact artists, to obtain information, to share with other interested parties, and to make good decisions on programming for all events.
  4. We offer hundreds standards based school programs for primary school assemblies which make finding quality assembly ideas easier.

Benefits for Presenters

It's affordable!!!

FIRST: Inclusion on the site is included for ALL participants of any Dream Shaper directory, showcase, and expo (The Inland Empire Library Showcase, Los Angeles County Library Showcase, or Program Preview Day Showcases) in the past 2 years.  We can use either the videotaped showcase presentation or participants can provide their own 5 minute or less video to be posted online.  LEARN MORE about advertising and showcasing opportunities.

SECOND: All artists, performers, and presenters who provide programming, to all or part of Southern California, can participate in any or all categories they qualify for and submit up to 5, 5 minute DVD presentation to be posted on the site.  LEARN MORE

It is advertised

Your involvement puts you in the mix of performers that receive a wide variety of ongoing advertising commitments from us to promote the site, directories, and showcases.

Our website and directories are distributed to librarians, and elementary schools throughout Southern California. 

Mailed advertising is sent out regularly to schools and libraries encouraging visitation to the website.  

Online marketing includes Pay for Click advertising as well as continuous SEO work for better site recognition.

Conference attendance and distribution of information is an ongoing part of the promotion to schools and cities.

We're committed to excellence

We are committed to our presenter acceptance process which ensures that all new artists will meet or exceed the abilities of current presenters.

We require a high level of professionalism and code of conduct from all presenters and failure to meet our requirements will result in removal from the site with no fee reimbursement.  This protects all the other performers from the reflections that negative presentations bring.

Not everyone can participate in every category.  Each presenter must demonstrate the ability to be listed in any category on the site.  Payment does not automatically make them available. READ MORE

Sponsored by Dream Shapers is sponsored by Dream Shapers, a 501c3 non-profit arts organization whose mission is to connect artists, presenters, and performers with community organizations like libraries, schools, preschools, cities, theaters, fairs, and festivals in an effort to develop a greater awareness for children's and family programs and generate more work for artists.

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